Israeli Blockchain Firm Sirin Labs

With so many new cryptocurrencies coming out, it makes sense that those who know how to promote their coins are going to be using the most influential names possible. When a digital firm gets the support of a celebrity, there is much more appeal to it because people consider it to be a safe investment. 

Israeli Blockchain Firm Sirin Labs
Moshe Hogeg, co-founder and president of British-Israeli start-up, Sirin Labs AG
Sirin Labs, has headquarters in Switzerland and they also operate in London and Tel Aviv. This particular firm was founded in 2013 by Israelis who are known all over the digital world known for founding the venture capital firm Singulariteam and Mobli. They have managed to accomplish a lot of great things in the past few years.

They made international headlines last year for their development of very useful technology and their most recent, the FINNEY Smartphone is meant to be used as a friendlier way to create synergy with crypto wallets and a powerful operating system. All in the purpose of making the process easier for companies looking to get results. 

The operating system will support applications related to encryption, and being able to help cryptocurrencies turn into an easier and more manageable thing to deal with. These are all great things in their favor, but their greatest accomplishment has been to get the support of one of the most iconic sports figures in modern times. We are talking about no other than Leonel messi, the football superstar. 

When you are promoted by someone who is famous all over the world both online and offline, you gain a competitive edge that is very hard to match. Having a familiar and loved face like that of Messi saying that they believe in your products is nothing short of a marketing dream for anyone who conducts business at any level.

There is a lot that we can expect to see from this blockchain firm in the coming years. The most important thing is that they are creating a whole new world of possibilities now that other influential figures can see big names like Leonel messi are interested in promoting ventures that are related to the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

Messi was the perfect choice due to his ability to take his message to a much wider audience. This makes him a perfect spokesman for their firm and it will also be quite beneficial for the cryptocurrency world in general. The more influential people get onboard, the higher the chances that we are going to see a huge explosion in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Marketing is an essential part of globalization for any innovative idea and this seems to be the beginning of a truly outstanding marketing campaign that is going to take cryptocurrencies to a whole new level in terms of mainstream exposure. There is much we have yet to discover in terms of cryptocurrencies, but we can be sure that a large a number of positive changes are coming in 2018 and this is just the beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution all over the planet.