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PrimeXBT - New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Massive Leverage Is Introduced


Cryptocurrencies have been a great investment vehicle for the past couple of years, especially for experienced traders and investors. The market is still young and volatile, and that statement can be portrayed as both an advantage and a disadvantage. 

BitcoinGet - Work From Home And Get Free Bitcoins Online

Online business opportunities from home not only help you get a good pay, but also helps in keeping you occupied in your area of interest. Before choosing to grow the business online or doing an online part time job, one must keep a note of some facts about the make money online opportunities. 

Choosing Coins: What Influences Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Listings?

Choosing Coins: What Influences Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Listings?

When it comes to the most well regarded and highest trade-volume cryptocurrency exchanges, even the mere hint of a new coin listing can send enthusiasts, investors and pundits wild – resulting in close speculation and often a certain level of ‘pump’ with regards to coin value.

Trade LTD - Trading Anytime and Anywhere

Trade LTD

Trade LTD Broker Review

Developed in 2010 by a group of people who loved trading, Trade LTD has come a long way from being only a small trading group and has become a major trading platform today. In 2016, it was registered in London and during these six years, it gathered a lot of experience and expertise. Now, Trade LTD has become one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms after it merged with a promising crypto-mining firm that has 35 cryptocurrency trading experts and 100 trading strategies under their belt. The trading division of TradeLTD comprises of 4 analysts and 30 exchange traders all over the globe who are working tirelessly to enable traders to make the most out of their cryptocurrency transactions. 

BeQuant Cryptocurrency Exchange Review - Regulated Crypto Trading

BeQuant Review
BeQuant Review

BeQuant is a new cryptocurrency exchange that is promising to pioneer regulation in the sector. The team behind the exchange has stated in a recent press release that "BeQuant team of FCA compliant brokers and blockchain specialists has been in the business since 2012".

The Right Way To Choose The Most Reputable Cryptocurrency Broker

Most Reputable Cryptocurrency Broker
When you are looking for a Cryptocurrency broker it is recommended that you know the difference between a popular and reputable Cryptocurrency broker. A popular Cryptocurrency broker might have many users but a reputable one is the one with most loyal traders and a high reliability count. There are certain factors that should always help you in picking the right Cryptocurrency broker for your trades. Today, we are talking about some of the most important factors that you must consider if you want to choose the right and most reputable Cryptocurrency broker for your future trades. 

Kucoin - A Modern Cryptocurrency Exchange for All Traders

Kucoin Review

Kucoin Review

If you are looking for a secure yet modern platform that you can use for trading cryptocurrencies, one of the best options at your disposal is Kucoin. A group of people in the having a passion for Blockchain founded this cryptocurrency exchange. These individuals had developed strong reputations and experience after working at various industry giants such as Ant Financial, GF Securities, Jianbang Communication, Youling and iBOX Pay. The aim of Kucoin is to provide traders with a straightforward and safe method for converting their currencies. This state-of-the-art platform might be a relatively new addition to the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, but its team has proven itself and its launch has gone quite smoothly.