EOS and Lumen Price Analysis – July 15


After Wednesday's mixed trading sessions, most coins have to conquer the day's crucial levels to register rallies towards their resistance zones.


Yesterday, EOS dropped by 2.41%. After losing 7.07% on Tuesday, the altcoin ended its day valuing $3.7971.

An unpredictable day start had EOS rising to $3.9285 earlier in the morning before registering reverses.

EOS declined to $3.5952 in the early sessions after failing to subdue its first massive resistance at $4.1393.

EOS revisited the $3.90 zone slightly after tumbling through the $3.7164 support.

The bearishness at the end of the day witnessed EOS dropping to the sub-$3.80. And later, to the red zone.

While publishing this report, EOS value $3.8025 after a 0.14% increase. However, a fluctuating morning saw the alternative coin dipping to $3.7335 low before climbing to the $3.8089 highs.

EOS throughout the Day

EOS must prevent falling back through the pivot level at $3.7736 to overcome the $3.9520 resistance.

Excluding crypto rallies, the coin will have its first massive level at $4.00, which would likely suppress upward movements.

Meanwhile, extended uptrends will have EOS testing the $4.20 resistance. The second vital resistance locates at $4.1069.

A decline through the pivot at $3.7736 will shake the first massive support at $3.6187.

Barring continuous sell-offs might have the asset conquering the sub-$3.50 zones.

Stellar's Lumen

Lumen gained 3.36% yesterday. The altcoin ended its day valuing $0.2400 after reversing the 2.56% Tuesday losses.

A bearish morning saw Lumen sliding to $0.2194 before registering moves.

With that, Stellar's Lumen lost its first vital support at $0.2254 before a $0.2449 rally.

The coin broke through the first crucial resistance at $0.2406 before sliding briefly towards the sub-$0.24 level.

A bullish outlook towards the end of the day had Stellar's Lumen ending its day at the $0.24 level. The $0.2406 first massive resistance suppressed upticks.

While writing this, Lumen traded at $0.2396, following a 0.18% loss. An inconstant morning had the altcoin rising to $0.2408 before declining to the $0.2371 lows.

Remember, Stellar's Lumen did not test the crucial resistance and support levels earlier on.

The altcoin should prevent the pivot zone at $0.2348 to overcome the $0.2501 first massive resistance.

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