AscendEX Lists Radix

AscendEX, formerly known as Bitmax, is an international crypto platform boasting a detailed product suite. The exchange thrillingly announces listing Radix tokens (XRD and EXRD) under the USDT/EXRD and USDT/XRD pairs on 29 June.

Radix aims to alleviate technology obstacles that limit DeFi expansion by creating a layer-one protocol that would address DeFi technological needs directly. That will also ensure better financial services globally in the future. Radix leverages developer incentives, DeFi Apps building, DeFi component creation, executable on-ledger code, disseminated virtual machines, re-engineering consensus, and full-stack approach.

Keep in mind that Radix becomes the leading layer one protocol designed for the DeFi network. Radix plans to improve developer practice by removing bugs, DeFi hacks, and exploits. It would achieve that through limiting output states utilizing an FSM runtime atmosphere rather than Turing complete. It has an on-ledger functionality that allows developers to create dApps. Also, Radix has an on-ledger incentive scheme that generates developer royalties depending on platform usage.

Its objective is to expand DeFi projects to increase its mainstream acceptance and reduce any related hassles. Moreover, the platform plans to ensure atomic composability, a crucial feature to establish vital DeFi features like flash loans.

Keep in mind that Radix has been and still focuses on upgrading its services for financial solutions. For example, the platform plans to launch mainnet in July this year. Also, this year December, Radix will launch the V2 radix engine. That will allow developers to build their apps on the Radix network seamlessly.

About AscendEX

AscendEX is a worldwide crypto platform that boasts comprehensive products such as futures, spot, and margin trading, supporting more than 150 projects on blockchain, including ripple, ether, and bitcoin. AscendEX has been operating since 2018, serving more than one million customers globally with secure custody services and a high liquid crypto platform.

Keep in mind that AscendEX emerged as the best platform by return on investment by backing some DeFi projects like Serum, xDai Stake, and Thorchain. AscendEX followers enjoy purchasing tokens at their earliest stage. You can visit their official website for more information.

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