Trademy - Mastering the Art of Trading

Trademy - Mastering the Art of Trading
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You have decided to become a trader and every trader wants to create positive returns from their investment. But, in order to do that, you first need to understand exactly how the trading market works. 

It is necessary to bear in mind that it is a very sensitive market and even the slightest change can alter your fortunes. Therefore, you need to avoid one major mistake that a lot of traders make; go in without any proper training and education. It is best to get the right education if you don’t want to lose any money, but where to get it from? A search will show that there are lots of education platforms that offer you training and guidance to navigate the trading world.

But, if you want a reliable one, it is best to go with Trademy. This might be a relatively new platform, but the best part is that it is a comprehensive one that offers you everything you need all in one place. First and foremost, you should know that Trademy can provide you with courses and education materials for all kinds of trading markets; whether you want to trade in the forex market, stock or even cryptocurrencies. You will find everything you need right here. There are three level of courses at your disposal, which are:

The Beginner

As the name indicates, this is for someone who has absolutely no background in this market and have just come to the realization that the trading world has tons of opportunities to offer. You don’t know the risks involved in trading and are not fully aware of the potential this market has to offer. At this level, the courses offered are designed to help you get your feet wet so you can move onto the next step.

The Student

The next stage is when you become an actual student. This is when you have mastered the basic concepts, but have yet to settle and make up their mind about what trading strategy to use. At this stage, you will get to study a wide array of trading strategies and will jump from one to the next because you want to explore the various approaches at your disposal. This is when you are focused on trading and not worried about managing your capital and risk.


This the third and top level and you become eligible for it when you have learned how to maintain a position for a long duration and are no longer making the same mistakes you did before. You have learned what the trading world has to offer, but you also know that managing your risk and cash is essential and you want to know how to do that. This is the right stage for it. 

There are different courses designed for every level that can teach a trader exactly what they want to learn. At the end, they are equipped with the skills and strategies that can help them in achieving their trading goals. The cost of each course varies, but as compared to others available in the market, they are very competitively priced and offer you value for money. There are a plethora of advantages of every course, which have made them a popular choice amongst novices as well as seasoned traders. 

Trademy understands that lessons are not enough for traders to learn how to work the trading market. Therefore, they have experienced and skilled mentors on their team who are ready to offer any assistance needed by the traders. The list of mentors includes some impressive names and some of them include:

Kyriakos Charilaou

Even though he has joined Trademy this year, Kyriakos has been trading in the CFD, Options and Forex markets since 2003. He has some impressive designations in his portfolio and has provided coaching to nearly 3,500 traders in the last 12 years and that too in different countries including UAE, UK, Greece and Cyprus. He has made use of technical, statistical and mathematical analysis tools for optimizing the use of risk management software, developing trading algorithms of CFDs and FX instruments and identifying key performance areas for improving trading performance.

George Pereira

George has a BSc in Economics and a Masters in Finance from LSE and he managed to get these through exceptional motivation, discipline and spectacular analytical and presentation skills. He also has plenty of experience in CFD and forex trading and his experience also encompasses risk management, investor relations and financial planning. He has been trading blue chips and major pairs and has been sharing his strategies with thousands of traders since 2009. 

There are a number of other mentors like Elif Kundakci, Alexander York and Simon Vexler, with each having a vast experience in the trading market. 

Other than the mentors, Trademy is able to provide short and easy-to-understand videos to traders that can be understood even by someone who has absolutely no previous knowledge of the trading market. The videos are fun and creative and far from boring. There is plenty of other support materials that can come in handy for extending your pool of knowledge. Trademy also provides a demo account that can be used for practicing trades without putting any real money at risk. This is great for beginners because they are able to see how it would work when they start trading. 

Once they have had some experience, they can join a live trading room where they can interact with experts who are making trades in the real market. They can interact with others and see the trading strategies executed in a live market and see how they turn out. They also have the option of speaking to the mentors and asking any question about the ongoing trades. One of the greatest benefits of learning at Trademy is that it has an excellent reputation as an academic institution. Thus, a lot of investing firms are willing to hire traders who have enrolled in their courses, which makes it easy to get started in the market.


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