BitIndia - Streets of India Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet, Supported by John McAfee

source JOHN McAFEE: Here's why you can't call bitcoin a 'bubble'
source JOHN McAFEE: Here's why you can't call bitcoin a 'bubble'
BitIndia will present an open source platform that allows the users to have safe transactions and be in possession of cryptocurrencies private keys on the blockchain nodes.

The BitIndia wallet is going to change the present setup and model of crypto wallets. The objective of BitIndia wallets is to make blockchain common in India; however, the BitIndia exchange shall allow any ordinary person to sell and comprehend cryptocurrencies in a platform that is the simplest and quickest ever created.

The BitIndia wallet wishes to turn into a crucial part of everyday tasks like purchasing groceries, having a meal at a restaurant, settling bills and at the same time utilize cryptocurrencies as a mode of exchange.

BitIndia exchange will allow its users to trade on basic cryptocurrencies using the Indian currency. This shall not just foster a number of cryptocurrencies in India but shall also support blockchain technology in the world.

John McAfee, a popular computer programmer as well as a businessman, who started McFee Associates, which is a software firm in 1987 has confidence in BitIndia and has agreed to partner with BitIndia and become its advisor.

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The Objectives of BitIndia

The overall population of India is more than 1.2 Billion; however, just 0.5% are have awareness about Bitcoins. The percentage that is aware of other cryptocurrencies is even less.

So, the aim of BitIndia is to raise this percentage and attract about 20% of the residents to Blockchain in the coming 3 years by teaching them about digital currencies and blockchain.

And therefore, BitIndia’s vision is to get in touch with all people in India by offering a Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency platform that is established and trustworthy for trading in India.