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4XFX Scam - Is 4XFX Trading a Good Platform or a Scam?

is 4XFX a Scam?

4XFX Crypto Broker Review

There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms that are scams and it is said that around %20 of them are scams but 4XFX is one of the safer platforms where trading is safe for traders from around the world as they are known for their high level of transparency and security of trading.

The platform uses the most up to date PANDA trading technology which is used by some of the biggest and most well known trading websites such as iTrader and 10Markets, which ensures that your trading experience goes smoothly and quickly without any glitches or issues.

4XFX Review

A Quick Review of The 4XFX Trading Platform

Many investors and speculators feel the need to get in on the action in the cryptocurrency trading markets and the need for good and reliable platforms to do so has become vital. Due to the technological side of cryptocurrencies and being an emerging market, hackers and scammers are always looking for easy ways to hack into accounts and steal funds. With the 4XFX platform this is literally impossible due to their secure trading platform where your funds are always safe and secure.

4XFX has found the way to give everyone around the world a simple and easy way to to use WEBTRADER and PANDA technologies to trade cryptocurrency pairs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more with just a few clicks of your mouse or on your touch screen.

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Trading Accounts 

4XFX offers Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts with leverage of up to1:200. Deposits can be made in USD or BTC with the Silver account having a minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC and the Platinum of 10 BTC. Gold and Platinum accounts also recieve personal  training and webinars provided by pro traders.

Safety and Customer Service 

4XFX operates a risk management system and 24/5 customer service for all traders. This is ideal for beginners and crypto traders who are seeking a zero risk environment for trading their valuable cryptocurrencies with a friendly broker.

Conclusion - 4XFX is Not a Scam!

4XFX has quickly proven that even as a relatively new broker, it is one that can handle traders from around the world with all of their demands and needs for security and trader trust. We believe that this brokerage is indeed not a scam and that we will be hearing only good things about 4XFX for many years to come. If you are seeking a reliable and secure broker for your cryptocurrency trading needs, we recommend 4XFX and give them a high rating as an excellent platform for trading the crypto markets.