Q 2 2021: Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch

What do you think first whenever someone mentions crypto as far as tradeable assets are concerned? If you an online trading fan, Bitcoin will cross your mind first. However, you have to admit that the crypto market has expanded now, attracting many people and institutional investors. So, if you want to explore what the crypto sector has, for now, you have multiple options to utilize.

As much as you will find many assets in the market worth your attention, some of the option that you may have to consider include:

· Ethereum

Ethereum, the current popular altcoin, surprised virtual investors with new highs, going up by almost 390% since the start of 2021. For now, ETH has the second-largest market cap, after BTC. If you follow crypto platforms, you probably know that ETH is among the trending coins.

· Dogecoin

Dogecoin is perhaps the most trending asset attracting many investors as of now. If you are a Twitter user, you might have seen how Elon Musk's followers reacted to DOGE over the last weekend. The Tesla CEO has supported the virtual coin in multiple ways. Dogecoin started as a joke. However, the asset rose with a massive 14,000%, now with a market capitalization of around $80 million. You can expect this coin to be somewhere up in the future.

· Binance Coin

As far as 2021 is concerned, you can agree that Binance has had a smooth journey. Keep in mind that the asset rose by around 1,600% since January of this year. What you may have to know is that Binance Coin has outdone the $95 million value. So that you can understand better, that means that the coin has more value than some renowned banks such as Bank of Montreal, UBS, and Santander.

· Litecoin

Litecoin is among the altcoins having a promising future this year. Although the asset has been operating since 2011, it recently had massive gains, experiencing a trading volume increase. Experts predict a bullish Litecoin move.

· Ripple

XRP or Ripple shows the benefits of acting as a digital transaction platform and a cryptocurrency. Interestingly, you cannot mine Ripple as you would other cryptocurrencies, thus an advantage as far as cost and speed are concerned. Statistically, as of this time of 2021, the asset has an increase of 155.11%, $3.40 being its highest mark.