Why You Must Beware of the BitMarket VIP Scam

BitMarket VIP Scam

BitMarket VIP Scam

No wonder online trading business has been on the boom since last decade. In particular, in the present situation, where the world is fighting against the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, the only business that is surviving quite astonishingly otherwise the local business markets have been suffering immensely. This is the major factor which has led the consumers turned towards online trading instead of local trading so as to save themselves from getting infected by this lethal disease. 

Reality of BitMarket VIP Scam 

But what has happened from the past eight years is that the scammers have up their sleeves and are more active these days in planting and devising their nefarious designs to fraud and cheat the public at large. One of such ill-motivated scheme is known as BitMarket VIP Scam. The scammers have no remorse - no regrets at all and there only agenda is to make you to lose your hard earned money. Irrespective of how clever you are, they can lure you into their scam schemes by making false promises which are tempting in nature so that you do whatever they have commanded you to do. 

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BitMarket VIP Scam is no different than another scheme of committing fraud onto you. The people behind BitMarket VIP Scam are smart who are probably the worst and most heinous perpetrators involved in the business of defrauding the innocent people. 

Why cryptocurrency investors are easy targets 

No wonder that since the induction of first every cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the year 2009, it has earned its reputation amongst many investors all over the world due to its potential of offering huge profits. There are people who became rich overnight which in turn has helped the digital currency market industry to flourish. A single Bitcoin which can be bought for less than 10 US dollars in the beginning is now worth more than 9 thousand US dollars. Such a huge increase in worth in just over 10 years, is some achievement and the scammers know it very well. 

This is why BitMarket VIP Scam has very carefully picked out Bitcoin because they are aware that the concept of cryptocurrency is still something which is not widely known due to its being complicated and, at the same time, quite confusing to new investors. This has helped them a lot to identify ideal and soft targets for scam. 

General method of defrauding people 

The most common and top of the line tricks used by these fraudsters are known as “Phishing” which has been encountered by, if not all, but by a majority of crypto investors. In this type of scam a crypto owner receives an email which looks identically quite similar to the ones that are being sent to him by his wallet provider or his broker or exchange in which a link is given. If you are deceived in clicking the link given then the link takes you to a website which is again identically similar at a glance of the real one. You are then asked to submit your secret data such as log in id and password. Once you have given the information then it is too late. Your confidential data is compromised and they got what they were looking for. 

BitMarket VIP Scam tricks 

They offer exchange because even though cryptocurrency is more or less decentralized, however, many of them are still available for sale and purchase at exchanges. When people sign up for exchange with BitMarket VIP Scam, it is only then they realize that they are scammed and the exchanges for which they had signed up for are nothing but lies. There are many people who have reported that they have been left penniless because they had signed up with Bitmarket Vip website.. 

Phony Website 

What they have done is that they have created a phony website. If you look deeply into the contents of the website you will find that the design of the website shows that it is not legitimate. At a glance you will note that the design is not as per the standards that have been adopted by crypto-currency traders, investors, brokers, exchange or wallet providers. If you dig up more closely you will also find out that the English and grammar is not at par which is alarming because the people involved in the business do not compromise on the content which is to be available on their website which will be browsed and read through by potential customers all over the world. 

This would be against ethics of business and will definitely not be able to bring any potential customers or attract the targeted audience. Another very important aspect of known that BitMarket VIP Scam is a fake website is their tab of “Contact Us” which is a must have feature of any website and without which a website does not get any lawful recognition. If you click on their “Contact us” tab, it will take you to the log in page and that’s where you should be concerned about. 

People lost billions of dollars 

There is no denying the fact that since the birth of Bitcoin, millions of people all over the world have become victims of scams. The fact of the matter is that in the year 2018 the losses being caused due to cryptocurrency related scams were more than 1.7 billion. If you google, you will find out that these fraudsters use Ponzi schemes to urge a person’s greed which are backed by false promises of big returns. BitMarket VIP Scam has been paying people to write positive reviews about them to be able to portray itself as a genuine exchange platform provider but in reality they are one of many scammers. 

Word of Caution 

These scammers are not hard to point out. In fact if we act efficiently and carefully by imposing self-restraint and by avoiding the fake opportunities of exchanging cryptocurrency from the platform of BitMarket VIP Scam at all costs, then they cannot lure us into their atrocious schemes. Being a law abiding citizen you should firstly report this website, which you can do with which is a website consist data and material relating to fake and fraudulent websites involved in crypto-currency industry as well as they will be helpful in the return of your money in case you have been scammed.

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