TheWallet.Cloud Review - Is TheWallet.Cloud the Best a Trader Can Get?


Are you at a point where you have made up your mind to start trading and are looking for a broker? If yes, you might be having trouble in picking the best because there are so many choices. If you have looked at some of the best online brokers of today, you must have stumbled upon the name of TheWallet.Cloud. It has emerged as one of the best brokers because of its trader account features, high-tech trading platform, and many other qualities. But you have to ask yourself as a trader, “Is TheWallet.Cloud the best I can get?” 

With so many other brokers to compare with, it can be hard to tell if the broker you have chosen is really the best one out of the bunch. The best way to know is to review each and every feature of the broker and see what benefits it offers. Here is a complete review of TheWallet.Cloud for traders to know what this amazing broker can offer them. 

The Features That Make 
TheWallet.Cloud the Best

Information Security 

Authorities and government around the world have gotten quite serious with the issue of information security. There was a time when the security of information was only a small matter. However, it has been proven over the course of time that security is the top most concern for the consumers all around the world. The biggest reason behind that is all that has happened in the recent years. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Sony, etc. have failed at protecting the information of their customers. Hackers proved that there were loopholes in the security systems of the biggest tech companies of the world. 

With that in mind, you have to make sure that the broker you are signing up with is providing your information the needed security. It must abide by the recent rules of consumer information security and have the latest technology in place for that. For example, you should not settle for anything less than 256-bit encryption from the broker you are signing up with. Anything less than that is not safe because the world has gone past those protocols several years ago. TheWallet.Cloud protects your information with the highest 256-bit encryption standards. 

Security of Funds 

Security of your money is just as important as your information or even more. What you want to know is that the money you are depositing in your account is going in safe hands and will be protected. In the past, many brokers had this issue that they mixed their company funds with the money deposited by the traders. According to the regulating authorities, this practice was not right because it gave birth to many transparency problems. Today, you have to be sure that your broker is keeping your funds in a separate account. You will notice that the broker who do that announce that on their websites. 

That’s the same case with TheWallet.Cloud as well. Right on the website of the broker you can notice that your funds are going in a separate account. This is an initial proof that the broker is serious about protecting your money. 

Asset Index 

When signing up with a broker, you have to consider its asset index as well. If you don’t know, there are different types of brokers on the internet that give you access to only certain financial markets. For example, there are some brokers whose trading platforms can be used only for stock exchange. Some broker let you trade forex only. On the other hand, you have brokers like TheWallet.Cloud. These are the brokers that offer CFDs i.e. Contracts for Difference. Trading CFDs is trading contracts of the assets, not the asset themselves. The benefit of trading in this manner is that you can be in many financial markets at the same time. 

TheWallet.Cloud brings assets from five different classes including commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex currencies, and indices. You will be surprised to know that these assets cover the markets from around the world. The indices section includes indices from Middle East, Asia, North America, etc. Commodities include precious metals like palladium, platinum, silver, gold, etc. You will also find soft commodities for trading such as corn, coffee, cocoa, sugar, wheat, etc. There are more than 15 currency pairs that you can trade. As for cryptocurrencies, let’s talk about them in a completely different section. 


The needs and trading habits of modern traders are very different from the needs of traders from the past. The oldest investors might not be very much interested in the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, the new trader might have developed the interest of trading all because of cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrencies is not easy because they are extremely expensive against fiat currencies. Again, CFDs come to the rescue. However, despite the availability of CFDs on cryptocurrencies, you have many brokers that don’t let you trade them on their trading platforms. 

TheWallet.Cloud wants to offer new traders the new dimensions of trading. You will find some of the best and most valuable cryptocurrencies for trading on the TheWallet.Cloud trading platform. Some of the cryptocurrencies that you will be able to trade on the platform include NEO, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Litecoin, etc. So, TheWallet.Cloud takes the cake in that it provides you all the different flavors of financial markets in one place. 

Fund Withdrawals and Deposits 

Depositing funds in your account and withdrawing them from your account should be easy procedures. TheWallet.Cloud tries to make these processes as simple and easy as possible for its traders. The first thing you will notice is that for one transaction in your account, you don’t have to pay any type of fees. When there are fees, they are according to the type of deposit method you choose. All the information about deposit types and fees is available on the website for you to see. You can use the modern and conventional methods of withdrawing funds from your account and depositing them. 

Trading Accounts 

You will be amazed with the number of account types that you can choose from when you sign up with TheWallet.Cloud. The company has tried to understand the needs of the different types of traders and translate those needs into the features of the many account types. There are six different account types and they all differ on the basis of many factors. The most basic account has been named as basic account. You can start this account with a minimum deposit of just 500 EUR. The biggest account you can open with the broker is VIP Club. Advanced charts are available with all the account types except the basic account. 

You have training on trading available as well. When you sign up with the basic accounts, you only get to access the education partially. On the other hand, advanced accounts give you access to all the educational material. You cannot enjoy training through webinars if you sign up with the basic and the silver account. Trading alerts are available for everyone who decides to join the TheWallet.Cloud platform. The most important thing to notice is that the loyalty points are available for every account holder. The biggest account gives you 100% loyalty bonus. On the other hand, you get a 10% loyalty bonus when you sign up with the basic account. 

Signals are there to help you with your trades. With basic accounts, you get the signals only once a day. Sign up with the biggest accounts and you will be getting unlimited access to signals. In short, you can notice that there is an account for every type of trader that you know of. Whether it is your first time trading in the financial markets or you have been doing that for several years, you will find an account that meets just your requirements. 

Basic Training 

This is something that you will find only on the TheWallet.Cloud website. In most cases, you will see brokers offering you education when you sign up with one of the accounts. That’s the same case with TheWallet.Cloud as well. However, you will also see on the website that there is a section for trading strategies. When you start trading for the first time, you have to know some basic trading strategies. These strategies tell you how to tackle the changing market conditions and minimize your risks. When you go on the TheWallet.Cloud website, you will notice that this information is available for free. 

You don’t have to sign up on the website or pay anything to the broker to get this information. There is a bunch of trading strategies available on the website that you can use when you start trading. In short, you can get some basic knowledge about trading without paying anything. 

Marketing Programs 

You can make money in many ways when you choose TheWallet.Cloud as your broker. You don’t have to create an account on the website and be a trader to make money. In fact, you can make money by joining the affiliate or referral program of the company as well. For the referral program, you will have to open an account with the broker. When you refer people and they sign up on the platform and make deposits, you will earn bonuses on those deposits. You will keep getting bonuses on those deposits. Even the affiliate program is easy and can help you make a lot of money. If you don’t want to rely solely on your trade earnings, you can join one of these programs. 

The News and Tips 

One of the things you miss on many broker websites is the news from the financial market and from around the globe. Any company that has a website on the internet should have a blog too. It is the blog where the company can interact with its customers and give them valuable information from the industry. Rather than relying solely on the training and educational material, you can take advantage of the valuable content shared on the blog of the broker as well. The blog contains a lot of tips and tricks that can help you not only as a new trader but throughout your trading career. 

The blog is new like the broker. However, you can expect new blog posts as the time passes. All of this information can help you stay connected with the trading world so you can predict and speculate before entering into trades. 

The Customer Service 

The most important thing for any trader who signs up on a broker’s website is customer. Talk about the trading platform features, trading conditions, asset index, account information, deposit methods, and many other issues, and you will need some kind of help from the company at some point. You cannot say that you will not need assistance from the representatives of the company ever. Sometimes, you need some general information. At other times, you have issues with the trading platform or your account features. 

You will be glad to see that there are multiple phone numbers where you can call and get help regarding your issues. In addition to the phone numbers, you also have an email address that you can use to type and send your inquiries. The live chat feature is also available because a lot of traders seem to like this feature because of how instant it is. 

Bottom Line 

As a trader who wants to stay consistent with trades and become a millionaire at some point, the choice of the broker is extremely important. Your successful trades depend a lot on how you learned to trade. TheWallet.Cloud provides you access to the best training material regardless of which account you choose at the time of signing up. In addition to that, you get to trade on one of the best trading platforms of the world. You don’t have any problems regarding the deposits and withdrawals. In short, you can focus entirely on your trades and trading strategies. Not to mention, you have plenty of trading strategies to learn from TheWallet.Cloud. If not the best, TheWallet.Cloud is definitely one of the best for any trader’s trading career in the world.