Coin2FX: Your Go-to Platform for Trading


You have decided to enter the trading market. It can be a very good decision, considering the opportunities you will be able to avail and the returns you will enjoy. But, in order to get started, you need to find a broker who can provide you the platform for trading as per your convenience. This is easier said than done because there are a number of choices you will find, but not all of them can be trusted.

A number of platforms are only scams and most new traders end up losing their investment. The key is to select an online broker that can offer you everything you need and is authentic. Coin2FX is one such option. 

This broker that specializes in Forex and cryptocurrency trading was established in May 2010. One of the most noticeable benefits that people can enjoy on Coin2FX is the availability of a variety of forex pairs. This list of currency pairs comprises of some really exotic currencies such as South African Rand, Russian Rubla, Turkish Lira, Hong Kong Dollar and Singapore Dollar amongst others. 

In addition, Coin2FX also gives you a chance to invest in CFDs on commodities like wheat, coffee, corn, sugar, indices, a variety of stocks, natural gas and oil as well as spot metals like palladium, silver, gold and platinum. You can also trade popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin. In order to make its platform a good option for all traders, regardless of their expertise and skills, Coin2FX enables you to choose between five types of accounts that can be made on the platform. 

The minimum deposit required for every account is different and the features associated with each also vary. Let’s take a look at the options: 

- Silver: This is the first type of account that carries a minimum deposit requirement of EUR 500 and a maximum deposit limit of EUR 2,500. It offers leverage of about 10% and a loyalty bonus of 30%. You get access to advanced charts and trading alerts and part-access to the educational material on Coin2FX. 

- Gold: The second option in the type of accounts has a minimum deposit limit of EUR 2,500 and a maximum deposit limit is around EUR 10,000. 24/5 customer support is available and leverage is 20%. The loyalty bonus and others are same as basic account, but trading sessions are also offered twice a week. 

- Platinum: This is the third kind of account you can make on Coin2FX and has a minimum deposit requirement of EUR 10,000 and you can deposit as much as EUR 50,000. This is a premium account as it gives you leverage of 30% and also gives you access to exclusive updates, trading alerts, webinars and full education. 

- Diamond: The fourth type of account that’s offered by Coin2FX is the Platinum account that starts at EUR 50,000 and goes as high as EUR 250,000. A 40% loyalty bonus is available and leverage of 40% is also provided. You enjoy unlimited trading sessions and also use other features like Money management, Daily Market Review and full education access. 

Most of the brokers you find in the market are powered by the MetaTrader4, but Coin2FX operates on proprietary software that complies with all market regulations. It is also very user-friendly so traders don’t need to worry about a learning curve and can enjoy an intuitive, comprehensive and secure trading environment. This is a huge benefit because it means that all traders, from the novices to the most experienced, can trade foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies and other assets in an easy way. 

Another important feature of Coin2FX is that it has made data security a priority. Traders are hesitant in providing their information to anyone because they don’t want to be victims of a scam or fraud. Coin2FX provides assurance to its customers that they have employed strict security measures to keep all their information safe. They don’t share the data with any third parties and only use information for providing custom services to the traders. Strong encryption has been used for keeping the data secure and 256-bit SSL encryption has also been used for ensuring communications are also safe. 

A firewall has also been used to keep out hackers and Coin2FX requests clients to use strong passwords and not share them with anyone to keep their account safe. Apart from that, Coin2FX has also hired a customer support team that’s ready to assist traders in times of need. They have dedicated themselves to providing accurate support and a quick response to ensure full client satisfaction. There are a number of options that can be used by traders for getting in touch with them. You can use the live chat option or call them for a quick answer. 

Other options that can be used are email, Skype and an online contact form too. Moreover, one more feature that Coin2FX has to offer to its clients is access to a complete education center on its website. This is especially useful for new traders because they can increase their knowledge in regard to the trading world. There are a variety of courses available and you can also learn about the new and effective trading strategies that can be used by seasoned traders as well. Whether it is forex, cryptocurrencies or any other market, Coin2FX ensures you are well-equipped to trade all of them.