BeQuant Cryptocurrency Exchange Review - Regulated Crypto Trading

BeQuant Review
BeQuant Review

BeQuant is a new cryptocurrency exchange that is promising to pioneer regulation in the sector. The team behind the exchange has stated in a recent press release that "BeQuant team of FCA compliant brokers and blockchain specialists has been in the business since 2012".

BEQUANT Exchange – A Leading Crypto-Exchange Platform

Bitcoin started out small. In fact, most people were skeptical about it. Today, however, everyone with the know-how is seeking to invest in the cryptocurrency. Luckily, there are thousands of crypto brokers who are all too willing to supply these services. A majority of these brokers, however, are not worth their titles. 

Recently, however, one broker ventured into the market with a new, transformative outlook. BEQUANT Exchange is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency traders in the market today. The platform’s popularity can be explained by its exclusive service provision. 

Prioritizing the Trader

BEQUANT Exchange offers a wide range of customer-friendly features that make it easier and much more lucrative for clients to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. Some of the platform’s features include:

Safety and Privacy 

The crypto industry has in the past been rocked by malicious hacks on brokers that have resulted in millions of dollars in losses for their clients. BEQUANT Exchange has learned from its predecessors and employed the latest security and privacy technology. As such, clients can rest assured that their investments are safe from hackers. They can also trade in privacy without worrying about interference by third parties. 

Clients’ accounts are protected using a 2-step authentication measure that is impossible to bypass without their knowledge. The platform is also frequently improving and updating its encryption technology to stay ahead of hackers. 

Advanced, Robot-Friendly API

A leader when it comes to crypto technology, BEQUANT Exchange has develops APIs that are compatible with a wide range of trading bots. These APIs have the latest configurations and algorithms that enable them to identify the most lucrative trades and execute automatically or with your permission. This makes it incredibly convenient for traders, and especially new traders who have not yet mastered the market. 

Ease of Use

The BEQUANT Exchange platform is packed with a wide range of features, but it is nonetheless neat and easy to navigate. This makes it easy to learn within moments and make most of its extensive features. These features are all designed to make it easy for clients to trade while giving them an added advantage over other traders using other platforms. Again, this is incredibly convenient for new traders. 

Speed and Responsiveness

Two things matter the most when it comes to trading the financial markets: reliability and speed. BEQUANT Exchange excels at both of these virtues. Its platform is built using advanced web technology to increase speed when it comes to responding to commands – speed can determine the difference between a profit and loss. It is also always up and running, so clients never have to worry about missing an opportunity. 

Friendly Support

You can always count on BEQUANT Exchange’s customer care department to come to your aid should you ever need it. The platform’s customer care desk is always active, and the support team is friendly and insightful. Clients can contact support through several channels including live chat, via phone, and via mail, among others. 

A Strong and Robust Team of Developers

BEQUANT Exchange also has a robust team of developers who have years of experience not only with cryptocurrency exchange but also the financial markets in general. This team is responsible for everything about the platform. Their extensive knowledge in technology and finance guarantees that nothing can go wrong. In fact, the team is always at work improving the platform. 

Let’s Talk Money 

BEQUANT Exchange is all about enabling its clients to get money. Some of the incentives that it provides towards this end are:

Affordable Fees

BEQUANT Exchange utilizes a maker-taker model when it comes to fees and charges. In this system, takers are charged just 0.1% for every trade no matter how large. Makers, on the other hand, are not charged – on the contrary, they are paid an equivalent of 0.01% rebates from all trades, no matter how large. This lowers traders’ costs and boosts their returns.

Unlimited Deposits and Withdrawals 

While most other brokers have stiff limits when it comes to how much one can withdraw, BEQUANT Exchange grants its clients freedom to determine their limits. To this end, there is no limit to how much one can deposit or withdraw. Withdrawals are also processed quickly and may be transferred through several channels depending on the trader’s preference.

Numerous Cryptocurrencies to Trade

Bitcoin may be the most popular cryptocurrency, but it is only one among many. There are many other lucrative and cheaper cryptocurrencies that one can trade and make money. BEQUANT Exchange lists dozens of the most popular cryptocurrencies. 

BEQUANT Exchange is also making plans to introduce fiat currency accounts for those wishing to further diversify their portfolios. 

Types of Accounts

To make money with BEQUANT Exchange, you first need to open a trading account. The platform has three categories of trading accounts to cater to all tiers of traders. These are:

Individual Account

This account is easy and quick to set up. The platform provides all the resources one needs to begin the setup process, and once live traders can start trading immediately. Once live, traders can buy biotin via credit card but only through Change, a respectable exchange platform. Limits on withdrawals are as high as $1,000 per day. 

Individual Pro Account

This account is equally easy and quick to set up with the support's guidance. It also comes with added advantages. For starters, traders can withdraw without limits. Additionally, they get access to extra-institutional features as well as guidance from personal brokers. They also enjoy full account verification in real time. 

Institutional Account

This is the highest account in the tier. Traders in this tier get access to all the goodies. For starters, they enjoy SWAPS, structuring, and even lending services should they ever run low on cash. They also have access to more connectivity tools, execution algos, and index trading. Finally, they are assured of insured cold storage custody. 


The work put into BEQUANT Exchange speaks for itself, and it has proven its worth so far. This platform is ideal for all traders, amateurs and professionals alike. Visit BEQUANT Exchange to learn more and perhaps give it a try!