[Cloud Services Decentralization] Interview Outline of Cloud Token ICO - Participation Of the Community From Day One!

Cloud Token ICO

1. Q: Let’s first talk about ICO, which is very popular as a new way of financing, and has won attention globally. What is ICO? What are the differences between ICO and traditional stock investment, as well as ICO and IPO?

ICOs and IPOs are extremely different. IPOs are about a sale of shares, i.e. partnership in the issuing company. A person buying company shares becomes a partner with rights of voting, dividends and more. ICOs (despite the similarity in acronyms) is not in any way an issuance of shares. It is the creation of a new Crypto-coin, a new Bitcoin, in a sense. Each new coin has specific traits that are unique to it but it is essentially a digital currency and not securities. A digital coin is a non-tangible product that people can buy and pay for on-line. It can be traded freely with no connection to the issuing company. As opposed to shares, crypto-currencies can have value and exchange rate even if the company is no longer existent. Bitcoin for example does not even have a company behind it. Shares on the other hand are tightly connected to the issuing company and if the Company disappears – its shares will not have any value. It is wrong to see Crypto-currencies as methods of raising funds. It is a sale of a digital product under demand that may or may not have buyers for it, but it is not a security and does not provide any rights in the issuing company. ICOs are much more a Crowdfunding then a Fundraising. 

2. Q: Please introduce ICO project to us. Is there anything new about ICO that makes it different from other ICO projects (including its concept, the payment methods, and any services to investors)? project is all about using the blockchain technology for changing the way we internet. It will enable any person to contribute their unused computing power in their PCs and Phones for cloud services to be used by millions of people and make money in the process. If a small part of your computer will be contributed to the Cloud while you are sleeping at night you will be getting a steady stream of income from all the cloud services. The Cloud users benefit from this tremendously as this type of service will create 94% cost reduction in cloud services and will be much safer and secure. 

This ICO is different as it an ICO of a company with an existing business. Most ICOs are for what we call “PDF” companies that only have a concept and they are at least 12 months away from prototype. has over 22,000 server installations with small and medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide and strong partnerships with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our ICO creates a token which will be have an immediate value enabling already today 50% cost reduction on cloud services and will have commercial demand as well as a financial one. We are also the first ICO to offer purchase of tokens with credit cards and bank wire transfer making it an “ICO for ALL” and not just for the cryptocurrency community. 

3. Q: According to the statistics from a research company Smith+Crown, right now the ICO scale in 2017 has been over $560million. More and more start-up companies choose ICO to raise their first proceeds. Why would choose ICO to launch its cloud community? What will the proceeds of Cloud Token be used for? 

ICOs have long passed the $1 billion mark. It is something that benefits both the company and the buyers because the buyers can get immediate financial benefit from the trading of the coin instead of waiting for years for the company results and success, as is the case with traditional way of investment. The proceeds from our ICO will be used for deploying a GridNode network that will enable people to become Crowd Cloud service providers and make money from cloud services being used by users worldwide. People will be essentially making money from the same network they are helping to build. 

4. Q: At the initial stage of ICO, the founding team usually holds a large proportion of the tokens, and the price in the start period is very low for those who participate in ICO. How will control the proportion of the company’s reserve? When and how many of these tokens will enter the market later? What influences will the “company tokens” have on the price of Cloud Token?

The reserve of tokens is there to meet the commercial demand we anticipate for the tokens in order to benefit from the 50% cost reduction that they provide on cloud services. It is a ~200 billion dollar market (IDC 2017) and we anticipate at least $5 Billion in commercial demand for the tokens for commercial purposes in addition to the financial trading demand of the token itself. The reserve is essential to help make the market and balance between the demands. These tokens are planned to go into circulation to answer the the commercial demand. 

5. Q: There is a report from Cambridge Innovation Center shows that more than 3 million people are actively mining, accumulating, and saving cryptocurrency, while the value of cryptocurrency has been over $ 100 billion in global market. From the perspective of a professional, why is cryptocurrency so hot? Is there really huge space of interest in cryptocurrency market?

Cryptocurrencies slowly become a real alternative to regular money. You can buy almost anything with Bitcoin today, from beer in Japan to real-estate in Canada. People feel that cryptocurrencies give them more freedom. Not in terms of tax evasions… most people we know want to pay taxes in full, but with cryptocurrencies you don’t have the banks in the middle, it is peer to peer and you really control your money. So there is approximately $60 Trillion of regular money in the world and only $140 Billion in crypto… We believe that more funds will be migrating from the regular money world to the digital. 

6. Q: Ethereum and Dash are the best two cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2017, each of them went through price increase of 600% and 846%. However, the price of Zcash fell down from $ 2 million to $ 75, with a extreme decline of 99.9%. Why does the price of cryptocurrency can go through such huge fluctuation in a short time? As your expectation, how will Cloud Token performance and how’s the price stability of Cloud Token after the ICO?

Crypto-currencies are a relatively new market and it has all the symptoms of a new market including high volatility. It is both good and bad as it presents the opportunities but also can create losses. In Cloud ICO we have both the influence of the market as well as the commercial demand. This is a unique position that we believe will create a more stable currency as on one hand there is the regular market volatility and on the other the commercial demand which we believe will act as a normalizer of the coin and will retain the benefits with lower volatility. 

7. Q: For an investor, is there any way to avoid risks as much as possible while purchasing cryptocurrency? Do you have any common suggestions for cryptocurrency buyers? And whether Cloud Token has any safeguards to its buyers to attract investors and make them feel safe when trading?

Cryptocurrencies by nature are a highly speculative market. This is not the place for investors who seek safe investments. Any buyer of crypto-currencies has to be fully aware of the risks and potential losses. There no way to mitigate that. is doing its best to create the most stable coin ever with massive commercial aspects to the coin that support the financial demand and supply but this is not a guarantee and there is no way for us to make it a safe purchase. Anyone who says differently will be misleading investors. 

8. Q: Today, there are probably already as many as 900 kinds of cryptocurrencies. The support from the industry chain is playing an increasingly important role from the birth of a new cryptocurrency concept to its public offering. What features do you think the managed cloud service of can bring to Cloud Token? What are the core competencies of Cloud Token in the market?

Cloud token is the only token today that deals with the distributed peer-to-peer payment challenges. When industries migrate to blockchain they move from working with a single provider of services (like Amazon for example) to thousands peer-to-peer providers. It is easy to pay $10 monthly to Amazon. But how do you pay $10 to 3,000 peer-to-peer providers?! The Cloud token will solve this issue as it is automatically splits itself to thousands of micro payments that go pro-rata to all contributors. The Cloud coin will enable payments in the new Cloud Crowd. It is virtually impossible without such a solution to build a steady peer-to-peer payment ecosystem. 

9. Q: Talking about the cloud techniques, we have to mention the big customer base in Asia. Especially for costumers in China, they can use cloud services with 11 languages including Mandarin from, without any threshold. Does have any other unique selling point for Chinese customers?

We are well poised for the Chinese market. We make it easy to buy the tokens with AliPay, WeChat, UnionPay and QQ as we believe that china is one of the most important markets in the world today. 

10. Q:Another important consideration for cryptocurrency buyers is privacy. At present, it is easy to connect the address of a token with its owner as long as someone has the correct information, which makes private information disclosure possible in the trading. How about the security and privacy of Cloud Token?

We take privacy and security of our buyers at first priority. We have used the top technologies possible to safeguard the information and private data of our buyers at the best way possible. This is on top of the secure nature of the blockchain itself. 

11. Q: From your perspective, what is the current state of the cryptocurrency market? Is the tremendous explosion of the market economic bubbles or the start of a brighter future? Will the great, even over-generated amount of tokens have any impact on the future cryptocurrency market?

We strongly believe in this market and we believe it is just the beginning of a market that will go through many cycles and challenges into maturity and commoditization. Yes, it is going to be a volatile ride but we do believe that we are all witnessing the birth of a new economy and we are proud to take part in its creation.